A little more ‘meat on the bone’ about the commissioning process.

1. Fill out the form in ‘About & Contact’ (from drop down menu) to email me, to say hello and make an enquiry.

2. I will answer any queries that you may have. From the drop down menu, you will find a Photography Guide which outlines some DOs and DON’Ts regarding which photos I can work from. I need to be able to see clear facial details, in particular the eyes. Photos of dark coloured animals need to be taken in natural light if possible to ensure some definition of the animal’s body. Be wary of an image that looks good on your mobile phone screen because it could actually be soft focus when zoomed in. Don’t panic though. I am very happy to take a look at the images you have and advise from there. There might be an instance where the only reference material you can supply are old snapshots, or maybe the animal in question is deceased so you are limited as to what you are able to provide me with. Again, I am happy to take a look and advise from there.

3. Email me one, or a selection of high resolution images. It might be that you have one specific image you would like me to work from, or you may want to send a selection to look at (10 max). Think about your pet’s personality. Is there a particular toy, or place, behaviour or expression that typifies your companion. These can be things that make the painting even more personal, although I would avoid anything too gimmicky.

4. After receiving your images, I will email to confirm if they are suitable to work from and send you some rough sketches of some composition ideas.

5. We can then finalise details: composition, size of painting, deadline and price.

6. Please allow about 8-10 weeks to allow planning, painting, drying. I will email you a photo of the finished painting. If you are satisfied, final payment can be made. I will then arrange for the painting to be delivered safely.

My aim is to create a personal portrait of your animal friend that will bring a smile to your face every day.